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THE ROAD TO RETIREMENT: Preparing and Knowing Your Options

Will Social Security Be Enough?  The average worker who retired at 65 in 2009 got 40 percent of pre-retirement earnings, $16,700 a year.

Are Pensions Disappearing?  In 2011 only 18% of workers in the private industry had defined benefit pension plans.

Only 50% of workers have access to a defined contribution plan (ex. 401K) and only about 30% of workers contribute to such a plan.  

In one study only 22% of participants were very confident that they would be able to maintain their current standard of living throughout retirement.  

No matter the course taken, the truth is that most retirees will need more funds in retirement then they think.  Let’s think about this for a second: If I currently make $50,000 per year and I estimate that I will need about 80% of my current income during my 20 years in retirement; I will need $800,000 stashed away in my nest egg in order to maintain my current standard of living. Pension plans and Social Security will cover a portion of this cost but there will still be a good size gap that will need to be made up.  

I once heard that when you are retired everyday is a Sunday. It makes sense if we stop and think about it. We have more free time and we want to do fun activities during our free time like travel and spend more time with our kids and grand-kids. This has the potential to eat away at our nest egg and therefore it might need to be a little larger than we sometimes estimate.  

So what are my options? How do I put a plan in place? Some things to consider include:

Explore your options and take some action to put a plan in place.  Use the Retirement Planner to help you set a goal and track your progress.

Remember, a dream without any action will always remain just a dream!  Below are two videos that provide a little insight on one of our most popular products.  

Business Opportunity

If you are looking for a business opportunity that has the potential to have a positive financial impact in the lives of you, your loved ones, and every one you help then this might be what you are looking for.  This high potential business opportunity is a great method to supplement your current income on a part time basis that provides you with the flexibility that you may need.  Videos number 3 and number 4 below give you a little more insight about the business opportunity. 

You may also visit www.worldfinancialgroup.com and www.researchwfg.com for more information.   

You are also welcomed to attend a Business Orientation that will provide further insight into the business opportunity.  Orientations are held on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. at 18000 Studebaker Rd. Suite 555e Cerritos CA 90703. Please let me know of your interest in attending so that I may be there to greet you!

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